Coronavirus Quality Information Links to Follow – Science, Epidemiology, Treatment and Practical Advice


Everything expressed in the article is my personal opinion. It is for every person to do their own research and decide what strategies and steps to take to reduce risks of infection to your family, loved ones and community at large. I am not a medical doctor, but a retired research scientist with PhD in biochemistry of nutrition. We started to follow the story since it broke in January and were taking steps to reduce our risks since February 1.

We are both in high risk category, 65+, me additionally with multiple diagnosed autoimmune diseases and conditions. At the time of writing this post 9.17 a.m. Australia, Melbourne, we have 452 cases of infection, with 5 deaths (here). By the time you are reading this article the numbers will be different. There is a flood of information on the topic and governments measures are changing by the minute. Information is readily available, media is over saturated by it. But unfortunately sensible, clear, no panic common sense and quality advice that will be practically reducing risks, especially in high risks groups, the biggest one being of older age and with chronic conditions or compromised immune system, is not that easily available. I am not going to take your time for repeating the obvious, I will just provide the links that we followed and follow now to get quality and trustworthy information about the science of the virus, approaches, trials and developments for coronavirus treatments in different severity cases, epidemiology of the virus, now being spread worldwide, and include the link to the article with practical steps to maximise protection for yourself and family, useful both for complete isolation and going out of the house/flat.

For updated statistics with multiple graphs to explain the dynamic of the situation here. 

For in depth scientific and medical information with references to all new research articles and other original sources of information

New medical data, new approaches for treatments, what works, what medicines might put you in more danger are discussed taking into account all current cell science knowledge.

For all the above information in plain language, easily understandable by anyone without any medical knowledge

Listening to Dr. Campbell have shown over and over again that depth of knowledge, years of experience and independent thinking are quite a rare commodity nowadays. More the pleasure to witness them in one person doing an amazing service  to general public, generous and selfless task.

Brilliant and thorough advice for practical steps to reduce/eliminate risks of infection during epidemic here.

For many of my subscribers and readers all over the world with Russian, as the first or second language, highly recommend video with advice and practical tips how to avoid the infection. The advice is coming from the family living in China.

Though not medical professional, Donata provides summaries of research medical articles published in Chinese press about new approaches in treatment.

It is a privilege to be able to listen and learn from people, who generously give their time and effort, communicating the information that can safe people lives. My utmost thanks to them.

My personal views on the problem.

  • I completely agree with Dr. Campbell, very little and late is done by governments to minimise the spread of the disease, even to flatten the curve. Making the spike in infections spread in time will help medical services and reduce deaths, but in my opinion is not good enough. We either firstly save lives or firstly save economy. It is a tough call and not for me to make.
  • I am bemused and bewildered to watch that more advice is needed to close cafes, movie theatres, schools and unis. Does the results of very strict “draconian” policies in China, South Korea and other Asian countries show that that is the way to go? Why? Because it works! And what about all that nonsense that we live differently, that our relaxed lifestyle will not accept these measures. Do we want to live, are we in denial? We have to take a deep breath and think clearly, without panic and emotions, that only cloud our judgement. Are we ready to change our habits for some time, accept limitations as a single person, as a family, as community, as a nation? Let us help our medics, overworked and overexposed, people working in essential services, providing the bare skeleton for the country to function. We have no other choice.
  • For the old and elderly, for other high risks groups. We are supposed to be wiser, with life experiences under our belts, let’s get out of the way. Coronavirus is not just another flu. Self isolate, do not wait for the government to give orders, be proactive, have all your medications for 3 months, or leave scripts in the pharmacy, ask them to deliver, or organise the delivery. If possible do not do shopping yourself. It is not the time to be shy or too proud, as we often are, ask for help. Being well and staying well saves trouble not only for you, but for the community as well. It might be very hard to isolate yourself from grand kids, I know. But we have done so many other difficult things in life and survived. We can do it again.
  • It would be brilliant if the government invested money and effort to support new business activities in the new environment. It already does something about increasing local production of protective gear for medical needs first, but general population will need it, too. What about new delivery and logistics businesses to help community stay socially distant (as they say it now).
  • To everyone. Keep your emotions down, make your decisions with cool head, think clearly and prepare early. “Go early and go hard” already saved us from financial crisis in 2008. We escaped with less damage compared to other countries around the world. As controversial as it was, with many mistakes and waste of money, to be objective, it did the job. And that is what matters – to do the job, to get to the end of the road in one piece as a country. Do not waste your time being angry, frustrated, badly upset, it is a waste of energy, it damages your immune system, and you need it now. Just make a judgement for your family’s current situation, your current circumstances, decide what is the best way for you to act, determine changes in your lifestyle and stick to them. As always in life cool heads have an immense advantage. Do not wait for help, help yourself, help those around you who are in a worse position, help needy and vulnerable. Any help coming from outside will the the icing on the cake.

As for us.

I self isolate completely from today, my husband, only partially, as he periodically drives to help our friends. We established protocol to come into the house. Several trial runs showed that some instinctive habits are hard to avoid, we’ll have to master it before we need to get out for fresh milk and other perishables. I have to be creative to prepare for future cooking with not that many vegetables, even less fresh vegetables. Being gluten free makes it easier. I always bake our own bread, I adore cooking, making new dishes from short list of unusual ingredients is actually fun for me, I enjoy it. Some gluten free produce is hard to get, so I usually buy in bulk for many years now. We did not have to buy much to add to our pantry to be prepared for isolation. Some of the household and bathroom products I use, as well as my medications, periodically disappear from the shelves and can be not available for periods of time, I always have 3 months supply. This approach saved me many times, truly saved. All these strategies are not new or inconvenient for me, as I believe many people with not that perfect health know. The only drama for me, is no physical contact with my beloved boys 2 and nearly 4 years old. I hope to establish new routine – reading on facetime.

Please stay safe and look after your families.


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