Crunchy Buckwheat Biscuits

This is a very simple, no fuss recipe, for delicious crunchy biscuits with easy dough preparation, ready to bake without refrigeration. Biscuits will be ready for tea or coffee in no time. It is also another recipe using single gluten free wholegrain flour as dry ingredient. No starches or gums are added to the dough.

The dough and biscuits give another credit to a wonderful buckwheat (certified gluten free) flour, manufactured by Bio-Oz company from Australian grown crops. Though a touch darker in colour, this flour is excellent in everything I have tried it in, from quality soba noodles to fluffy cakes.

I intentionally wanted to have biscuits hard and crunchy. They are not dry though. Their texture allows to store them indefinitely in a container with a tight lid. These biscuits are a perfect treat, make a nice sweet Christmas present as they can be baked days ahead.


dough, 48-50 small biscuits

  • 200g Bio-Oz buckwheat flour
  • 100g unsalted butter
  • 80g sour cream (I used 36% fat Coles brand)
  • 80g raw sugar (white is fine a well)
  • 10g vanilla sugar


  • sesame seeds
  • milk
  • demerara sugar


  • switch oven to 180C
  • mix flour with sugar and vanilla sugar in a bowl
  • add chopped butter
  • working with your fingers rub butter into dry mixture
  • add sour cream
  • working with pastry scraper incorporate sour cream into a mixture
  • when the mixture transforms into small wet lumps, combine them and make a dough ball
  • shape the dough into a long thick rope
  • the dough will be soft and a touch sticky
  • you can refrigerate the dough if you want to make it harder, but I like working with freshly made dough
  • roll the dough over sesame seeds
  • I cut the dough first into 2 equal portions and then slice each portion into 24 pieces
  • the first portion I shaped as round biscuits, lightly spreading each piece of the dough on a baking paper, wet your fingers to prevent dough sticking
  • the second dough portion I cut to the same size pieces, but shaped them into long rectangles – biscuits for kids
  • brush dough pieces with milk and press them into demerara sugar
  • bake biscuits in reheated to 180C fan forced oven for 16 (long biscuits) or 18 minutes (round biscuits), baking time depends on your oven and biscuit thickness, both trays can be baked simultaneously
  • let biscuits rest on a tray for 3-4 minutes, transfer them to a wire rack to cool down completely

Enjoy their nutty flavour and crunchy texture!


8 thoughts on “Crunchy Buckwheat Biscuits

    1. Thank you, do you mean syrups or other sweeteners? Dry ingredients you can substitute 1:1 if they have the same taste intensity. With liquids you either reduce sour cream, or add more flour to the right dough texture.

      1. Artificial sweetener would not cause any problems, you simply have to know how much you want to add to get the desired taste. Honey will alter the taste, not too much, but will add extra flavour. You have to watch temperature and time when baking, biscuits might be darker, but as they are dark in the first place, it would not be a problem as well. With honey it is better to make biscuits thin, they will bake faster. The shape can vary. You can roll each portion of the dough with wet palms and press it on a baking paper. I like to fuss on my biscuits, especially for kids, but it is purely optional.

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