Baking dinosaur biscuits with AliExpress moulds

This year I used dinosaur theme to prepare nearly everything for our grandson’s birthday party. I was desperately waiting for these moulds to arrive in time, as free postage from AliExpress sometimes takes longer to get. The parcel arrived just in time, on Friday. I never used these complicated moulds with the option of pattern impression with a spring attached to imprint the pattern and to get a biscuit dough out. I did not have high hopes and thought that it will be quite a delicate work. I prepared myself for one. But dear me, I was for a big surprise. It was quick and easy.

I used our favourite dough recipe for crunchy biscuits. The dough is based on a single buckwheat flour, butter, sugar and full fat sour cream. Step by step recipe for this dough can be seed here. The dough is a variation of a shortcrust, but is more soft. Considering the softness of the dough, I was very impressed with how easy it was to cut the biscuit, make a measured impression in the dough and get the dough out without any damage to the shape and pattern. Even the minute and delicate details stayed intact. What is even more impressive, is that those details and patterns did not change during baking.

For A$5.41 these dinosaur moulds are an excellent investment for those who bake. They will give me and grandchildren so much pleasure, as dinosaurs are among their favourite characters, as many parents and grandparents know very well.


for 2 trays of biscuits – one for dinosaurs and another plain ones

  • 200g Bio-Oz buckwheat flour
  • 100g unsalted butter
  • 80g sour cream (I used 36% fat Coles brand)
  • 80g raw sugar (white is fine a well)
  • 10g vanilla sugar


  • confectionary decoration and demerara sugar for dinosaurs
  • sesame seeds, milk, demerara sugar for plain biscuits


  • switch oven to 180C
  • mix flour with sugar and vanilla sugar in a bowl
  • add chopped butter
  • working with your fingers rub butter into dry mixture
  • add sour cream
  • working with pastry scraper incorporate sour cream into a mixture
  • when the mixture transforms into small wet lumps, combine them and make a dough ball
  • shape the dough into a brick shape, divide in two portions
  • the dough will be soft and a touch sticky
  • to roll the dough dust the surface with gluten free flour mix (I used Well&Good Crusty bread Mix)
  • you can refrigerate the dough if you want to make it harder, but I like working with freshly made dough
  • roll the dough to the even 4mm thickness, I used Joseph and Joseph rolling pin with fixed edges
  • apply dinosaur mould to cut each biscuit, impress the pattern and to squeeze the dough out
  • I used two approaches 1. dipped the mould into water or 2. into flour mix
  • both approaches work fine, and you do not need to apply it after each biscuit
  • decorate the dough the way you like it
  • cut-offs can be used over and over again
  • bake 16-17 minutes at 180-185C fan forced regime
  • cool biscuits down on a wire rack
  • these biscuits are hard and crunchy
  • they can be stored indefinitely in a container with a tight lid

I can’t wait for tomorrow’s reaction. It is interesting what kids will like the best. Will it be biscuits or the cake, which is still in the making. Baked, cooling down currently, awaiting to be cut in two layers, cream to be applied, the top of the cake painted with white chocolate and dinosaur candles to be inserted (all 5 of them).

We’ll see.

As for the dinosaur biscuits mould set, it is just brilliant in my humble opinion. Easy and reliable. I bought another one with Christmas theme and plan to buy Peppa Pig set for the next kids birthday. They are so much fun!

5 thoughts on “Baking dinosaur biscuits with AliExpress moulds

    1. Agree, and children know all their names, they teach me, but I forget many, except may be 4-5 of the most common ones. Some of them are unpronounceable. And there are so many cute stories and books about them.

    1. I am sure boys will love these biscuits. Usually I do not use dusting and do not roll this dough, trying to avoid adding extra flour. But with moulds I had to do it and I am happy it did not change the texture of biscuits.

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