Homemade gluten free gifts – sweets and cakes

The best and probably the most practical gift you can offer to a person or a family with special dietary needs is something that they can eat without being afraid of consequences. It can be a box or a hamper with ingredients or something even better – something you prepare yourself. I am sure that your gift will be greatly appreciated. The choice of food presents is wide with different levels of skills necessary to prepare them. With sweet gifts it starts with a very simple option – jams, spreads, candied peel, continues with cookies, biscuits, confectionery up to the most difficult option – cakes, tarts and other baked products. I made a selection from all these options, with the recipes published in either this blog or my second ecookingblog.

Jams, fruit and berries sauces, candied peel

They are easy to prepare, the only ingredient you need is sugar or honey. They look very nice and suit well for any type of decoration for the occasion.

My only advice for packaging thick sauces and spreads is to use containers with lids instead of jars with narrow openings.

Homemade confectionery

For individual wrappings and boxes for sweets I buy new boxes and also recycle used ones, sometimes for many years in a row. I find metal boxes for store bought confectionery very handy, as long as I can peel off their tags. I have even resorted to recycle paper wraps (the second layer of French hard lollies) for my own caramels. I have finally found the source of nice wrapping paper for confectionery on AliExpress.

Biscuits and mini cakes

Simple cookies and strong biscuits can be packed in biscuit tins or even clear bags. Delicate biscuits I pack in boxes with tissue paper or shredded decorative paper to protect them. Mini cakes with hard icing or glaze are also easy to pack, separating them from each other with muffin cases. The most difficult mini cakes to pack are those with soft chocolate coating. Special attention should be given to mini cakes top’s protection.

Cakes and tarts

There are also many choices for savoury food items to be prepared as gifts. That will be the topic of the next blog post.

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