Best banana cake with single coconut flour – gluten dairy free

I have been baking this cake regularly for many years now. The original recipe evolved in terms of both adding additional ingredients like cinnamon and dry ginger, as well as using the batter to bake different types of bakery products. They include fresh or canned fruits inserted into the batter, dried fruits and nuts mixed in into the batter, as well as upside down cakes with a thick layer of fresh fruits. This universal batter is prepared with just 5 ingredients: eggs, sweetener, freshly made banana puree, coconut flour and raising agent.

The original recipe was developed for a specific strict diet: gluten, grain, starches, gums, dairy and any sugar free (as sucrose). The sweetener I used was glucose (dextrose) powder. Baking soda was a raising agent. Another change to improve the recipe was accidental and happened because I ran out of bananas and used pure apple puree to replace nearly half of banana puree. Together with added cinnamon and ginger powder the resulting batter allowed to bake a superior cake, with better taste and texture. Today I offer my latest, the best so far, banana cake, prepared with the only dry ingredient – coconut flour. To appeal to a broader public I used regular sugar as a sweetener. However sugar quantity is dramatically reduced compared to the original recipe. 60g or even 40g of sugar can be used, or altogether omitted from the recipe. Use 2 pinches of sea salt to beat the eggs if sugar is excluded from the recipe.

The cake is deliciously moist, has a deep and intense flavour. It can be stored at room temperature for several days keeping its moisture intact. I love this cake in any shape or size. With a dollop of cream it is an unbelievable treat.


  • 200g apple puree (I used blended apple pie filling)
  • 200g bananas
  • 30ml lemon juice
  • 4 large eggs (210-220g without shell)
  • 60g sugar
  • 100g coconut flour
  • 10g cinnamon powder
  • 5g ginger powder
  • 12g baking soda (using baking powder will result in lighter colour of the cake


  • preheat oven to 150C fan forced regime
  • blend bananas with lemon juice
  • prepare apple puree
  • in a large bowl beat eggs with sugar for 2 minutes, the volume will increase
  • add apple puree, beat on high for another 2-3 minutes, add banana puree, continue beating on high, the volume of the mixture will be up to the very top of the standard benchtop mixer bowl
  • mix all dry ingredients, put them through a sieve, as baking soda and ginger powder can be in lumps
  • add dry ingredients to wet
  • combine them very fast, I do it manually, the volume of the batter will be reduced dramatically when dry ingredients are mixed in, that what has to happen, batter will thicken within a minute
  • pour the batter into a baking tin layered with baking paper, you might need to spoon the batter if it is not runny any more

Images of banana coconut batter in preparation of plain cake (1) and rhubarb upside down tray bake (2,3)

  • spread the batter evenly using palette knife, make the surface level
  • bake for 50-70 minutes, time depends on your oven and the shape of the baking tin
  • let the cake rest for 10 minutes before peeling baking paper off

Banana coconut cake can be sliced when still warm. All individual cakes recipes can be found in the Recipe index of my second Ecooking blog here.

4 thoughts on “Best banana cake with single coconut flour – gluten dairy free

  1. I once tried making a banana bread but I think my recipe wasn’t good,,this one seems so good I’ll definitely try it one day♥️

    1. I have found that plain banana flavour is too simple for me. Plenty of cinnamon, some ginger, lemon juice with banana provides really appealing taste with quite intense flavour. Mixing banana with apple puree makes it even better. I like any of my cakes to be not just sweet, but to have a distinct and intense taste. For some reason in this particular cake baking soda gives better taste compared to baking powder.

    1. It would be interesting to know your opinion about this type of cake. The batter is very unusual to anything I worked before with and it has to be baked at lower temperatures because of fruit puree in it.

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