Homemade orange marmalade, peel and glaze – perfect for eating, baking and desserts

In preparation for this year Christmas table, I made several products from oranges to use in baking and desserts, both as an ingredient or a part of decoration/presentation. Those were thick orange marmalade or jam, made with partially orange flesh and partially whole orange chunks with skin on, orange peel of different sizes and variety and thick orange syrup or glaze, as a leftover product when making orange peel. Orange peel preparation was so successful, that the first and the second portion were consumed well before I had a chance to use it in baking and chocolate making. So, I had to make another portion of orange peel – dry and wet – to have them at hand for the festive baking and dessert decoration.


orange marmalade

  • 500g orange flesh without skin and with skin on ratio 3:2, the ratio of the chunks without skin and with skin on, can differ, depending on orange sweetness and bitterness of the skin
  • 500g + 100g of sugar
  • 50ml water
  • 60ml lemon juice

orange peel and glaze

  • 100g of orange skin strips, with the white layer removed completely or partially, boiled twice
  • 100g sugar
  • 20-30ml lemon juice
  • water to cover all skin strips + 1cm on top



  • remove the skin from some oranges
  • cut orange flesh in chunks
  • cut some whole oranges with skin on to the same size chunks
  • put orange pieces in a stainless sauce pan or the pan with stone non-stick surfaces
  • add water
  • cook with lid on until the skin becomes soft and semi-translucent
  • blend orange flesh into coarse/fine puree
  • add sugar, The first portion
  • cook on medium heat with your full attention, stirring periodically until desired texture is reached, I like to make orange marmalade quite thick to be used in cooking
  • if orange jam is too bitter, add extra sugar to taste
  • lemon juice cuts the bitterness of the jam a little
  • transfer hot jam into glass jars, cool down, cover with lid and store at room temperature

Thick orange jam/marmalade is perfect for baking frangipane tarts, especially when chocolate shortcrust or chocolate frangipane cream is used.

Both orange jam and orange glaze were used.

This year I used orange jam to bake individual tartlets with chocolate buckwheat crust and cottage cheese frangipane cream, similar to those I baked with organic prunes in an earlier recipe, only using orange jam to replace prunes on the bottom of the tartlets.

They were absolutely delicious.

orange peel

  • cut orange skin in strips of a desired size
  • cut all or part of white bitter layers with a thin knife
  • it is easier to achieve if pieces of orange skin are soaked for 24 hours in water
  • place strips in a sauce pan, cover with cold water, heat to a boiling point and simmer for 2-3 minutes, discard water
  • repeat the procedure
  • register the weight of double boiled strips
  • add the same quantity of sugar, cover with water, water quantity is not important as it will evaporate during cooking
  • add lemon juice
  • cook on medium heat until the peel is soft and translucent
  • at that stage only minimum of liquid is left on the bottom of the pan
  • if there is no liquid left, but the peel is not cooked through, add more water and continue cooking
  • depending on what type of peel you want: dry or wet, with glaze on, either turn the peel over to a sieve (collecting the liquid as glaze, stored separately) let the liquid run leaving the peel as dry as possible or transfer the peel with the liquid to a container with tight lid
  • for the dry peel, spread strips on a baking paper, let it dry out naturally at room temperature for 24-48 hours, or speed the process up in dehydrator, it takes 2 to 3 hours at 70C
  • cover dried peel in sugar and get the excess sugar off
  • both types of dry peel with sugar and without sugar can be used as an ingredient for Christmas cake
This year Christmas cake with sultanas, whole cranberries, figs, mango pieces, dried apricots, Australian dried plums, walnuts and orange peel

I use glazed orange peel and orange glaze in cake decoration and desserts presentation very often. It looks beautiful and elevates both the taste and the texture of cakes and desserts to a new level.

I hope and wish New 2022 Year to be better than the previous two years for everyone! Take care and be safe and healthy.

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