Making prawn and leek ravioli with frozen filling

Prawn, leek and coriander ravioli is a compulsory dish for our Christmas lunch. Ever since I mastered my first gluten free pasta dough many years ago, and started to make ravioli for Christmas, prawn filling was the favourite of my husband among other festive fillings. It was always a highly choreographed timetable to buy, keep and prepare everything fresh and in a nice shape. After several years of cooking everything at once, I have developed the strategy that suited me most: buying and preparing in stages. Ravioli, as the second most time and effort consuming dish, after 3 or 4 birds roast, were prepared several days or even weeks in advance and kept frozen, cooked on Christmas day, directly from the freezer.

It meant that pastry and filling preparation, as well as ravioli assembly and freezing, had to be done on the same day as seafood purchase. It is not as easy task either, and 3 years ago I have decided to separate filling preparation from dough and ravioli preparation, while keeping the filling frozen through the process of making ravioli. It could be done in a simple and easy way.

  1. make the filling
  2. freeze the filling in suitable portion size containers or free shape and size range
  3. make pastry dough
  4. make ravioli (they are usually large and extra large)
  5. freeze ravioli or cook them freshly made

This way of preparation insures that the filling stays frozen throughout ravioli preparation and does not effect the taste and texture of the filling, as it is not subjected to being frozen 2 times. This year it served me very well again.

I rolled the dough particularly thin, and though gluten free, it stayed intact perfectly through ravioli preparation, freezing and cooking from frozen.

I had my ravioli with mushroom and sautéed onions in sour cream, with horseradish, dill and beetroot sauce.

The best containers to freeze fillings are fridge egg holders. They give a nice dome shape of a reasonable size. I also used 30ml plastic containers with silicone cover to freeze the filling for gigantic ravioli, a touch too big, but convenient nevertheless.


for the pasta dough this year, lighter in colour

  • 100g Well and Good Pastry flour
  • 70g quinoa flour
  • 100g Bio-Oz buckwheat flour
  • 30g Golden flaxseed flour
  • 4g sea salt
  • 2 large eggs
  • water, 100 ml, add water to eggs, it should be 200g together

Pasta dough preparation, as well as ingredients for different fillings and ravioli preparation can be found here:

Buckwheat dumplings

Goat mince ravioli

Making ravioli for Christmas

Buckwheat ravioli with fresh salmon

If you are interested in details how to make prawn, leek and coriander ravioli with frozen filling, you can watch videos below, made for my Russian audience. Just turn the sound off and see all the minute details in filling preparation and dough rolling.

Filling preparation

Dough rolling and ravioli assembly

Our Christmas lunch menu can be seen here, not much talking, only with best wishes to my audience and visual with music for the most of the video.

Happy New Year to us all!

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