Gluten and Dairy Free Broccolini and Flaxseed Pancakes

Broccolini and flaxseed pancakes is the second recipe of  savoury pancakes I have developed. The first recipe, grain free cauliflower pancakes, became a popular post in both of my blogs, and encouraged me to make something similar with other vegetables. Broccolini is usually sold in packages of 200g. I added sweet red chili pepper and grated carrots to make the recipe to serve 2-3 portions.


These pancakes are gluten and dairy free, and with just a touch of quinoa flour, they qualify for paleo diet dish. With meat, chicken or fish on top, they can be served as a healthy, nourishing and satisfying lunch, or even light dinner. Broccolini and flaxseed pancakes are very easy to make with only one specific issue to pay attention to, they need to be fried on very low heat.

Ingredients: for 12-13 pancakes

  • 200g broccolini, one package
  • 1 sweet red chili pepper
  • grated carrots (I used my spicy fermented carrots, but fresh carrots can be used instead)

Broccolini with red pepper and carrots total weight have to be 350g

  • 70 flaxseed
  • 15g, 1 table spoon quinoa flour
  • 1 tea spoon sea salt
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 tea spoon garlic and chilli paste (can be substituted with any herbs and spices)



  • wash broccolini and sweet pepper, dry excess water from broccolini
  • peel and grate carrots if using fresh ones
  • chop broccolini and sweet pepper, discard seeds and light inside parts of red chili pepper


  • place chopped vegetables in food processor
  • process them on medium speed to coarse consistency


  • add eggs


  • process for 3-4 min on medium speed


  • pour the mixture into wide bowl
  • add flaxseed meal
  • add carrots (if fermented carrots are used), chilli and garlic paste (or other herbs and spices) and salt


  • add table spoon of quinoa flour, mix all ingredients together
  • let the mixture rest for 10-15 min, for flaxseed to absorb moisture


  • grease frying pan (I like using crepes pan for the convenience to turn pancakes)
  • fry pancakes on the lowest possible heat until pancake is set and keeps its shape well
  • turn pancake to the other side and continue frying on a low heat

Sometimes to have similar size pancakes, I use the egg frying rings. I put the ring on a pan, spoon pancake batter and take the ring off to use for another pancake. I made 2 versions of these pancakes, one with just flaxseed meal for ecookingblog, where quinoa is not on the allowed ingredient list, and the second version with quinoa flour for this blog. It is interesting, that using quinoa flour makes the difference in taste. Without quinoa flour, the taste had some similarities to potato pancakes, made without flour. Added quinoa flour softened the taste. Overall broccolini pancakes are gluten and dairy free, quick, tasty and healthy alternative to gluten free bread  in many dishes. It can be served with pouched and scrambled eggs, with meat, chicken or fish. I enjoy them simply with sour cream and dill.


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